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Over the course of his career, Len Bodnar, RICP (R), at Bodnar Financial Group has helped clients from all backgrounds understand the broader story behind their finances. For every investment and every asset in your portfolio, we can help. Bodnar can help you sort it out and organize it to enhance your portfolio. If you’re looking for someone to help you create your plan to prepare for retirement, he’s the expert to turn to in Lancaster, Pa.

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Len Bodnar, RICP (R), at the Bodnar Financial Group helps people in South Central Pennsylvania learn more about how their finances will realistically impact their retirement. This boutique firm is small enough to give you the personal attention you need but large enough to have the connections and partnerships to net you stronger returns over time. Bodnar uses a proven system to help you get a handle on all your assets, so you’re ready for the next step.

Core Values

Bodnar financial group

At Bodnar Financial Group we believe that your retirement plan should not be a one size fits all solution. To get the most for every client, we create a customized Bodnar Financial Group Retirement Blueprint. It reveals exactly how to get a high sustainable income, fight inflation and generate tax efficient income.

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Retirement Income planning

Retirement income planning is the key to replacing your steady paycheck with revenue that is every bit as dependable. At Bodnar Financial Group, Len Bodnar, RICP (R), can help you decide which sources work best for your lifestyle. Whether it means increasing your number of property rentals, diversifying your market share, or maximizing your Social Security, his strategic suggestions can make it easier to put it all together so you can protect your core wealth.

Efficient Tax Planning

Efficient tax planning doesn’t just save you some money when you file taxes, it can be an integral part of your larger retirement goals. When you’re using every dollar to your advantage in South Central Pennsylvania, it can net you larger returns down the line. Len Bodnar at Bodnar Financial Group can tell you more about how to restructure your accounts (or defer when appropriate) to avoid leaving the government more than necessary.

Maximizing social security

Maximizing Social Security can be a way to build your retirement income from the ground floor up. The more you can extract from this program, the more everyday expenses you can cover every month. At Bodnar Financial Group, Len Bodnar, RICP (R), can tell you how your industry and career affect your bottom line. Talking to a financial advisor can help you understand that your benefit check can be a substantial way to round out your revenue.

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